Politisk schizofreni…..

Nick Clegg, nytt stjärnskott på den brittisk- politiska himlen uppvisar en viss schizofreni i sin attityd gentemot muslimer

”Riding high in the opinion polls and looking set to be a potential kingmaker after the 6th May election, Nick Clegg told this newspaper exclusively that his party was completely against the anti-Muslim prejudice at all levels and will campaign to end the discrimination that hurts Muslim communities, from restricting stop and search, to scrapping control orders, to getting innocent people off the DNA database.”

Lite längre ned

Lib Dems didn’t support the Labour-backed legislation that was aimed at outlawing fanning of hatred against British Muslims. Clegg says his party opposed only because the legislation was vague and it risked outlawing the legitimate differences of opinion but “we were very much in favour, for instance, of allowing higher sentences to be imposed where offences were motivated by religious prejudice.”


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