Vem är Benjamin Netanyahu?

Den här knäppgöken är israels premiärminister

Netanyahu is even more extreme than the above. In his book ‘A place among the nations’ published in 1993, he rejects the idea of a Palestinian state, and denies the existence of a Palestinian people to begin with, like Golda Meir before him. Netanyahu equates the Palestinian demand for a state with Nazism. He claims that if Israel withdraws from the West Bank, Israel will become a ghetto with Auschwitz borders, as taking the West Bank out of Israel’s control is tantamount to Hitler’s seizure of the Sudeten district from Czechoslovakia in 1938. Netanyahu even claims that Israel made painful concessions, and it is not acceptable to ask for further concessions. What are these concessions? He says that Israel stopped demanding to annex Jordan, which he considers to be a part of the Jewish state.”


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