Middle east connection….

Mycket intressant läsning om kopplingen mellan de misslyckade ”fredsförhandlingarna” mellan Abbas och Apartheidstaten israel, och hur Libanon, Syrien och Iran närmar sig varann

The collapse of the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks and Obama’s decision to support Israel despite its refusal to stop expanding into Palestinian and Syrian land is directly connected to Hizbullah’s move to consolidate Lebanon’s position in the Syrian and Iranian camp. It will only be a mater of time before Israel strikes at Hizbullah and Lebanon again. The US, which has been so powerless to restrain Israeli expansion into the West Bank will surely prove as powerless in restraining Israel from seeking a military solution to Hizbullah and Syrian supported resistance. Israel’s determination to keep the Golan and ignore the Palestinian problem will not go unanswered. President Assad’s trip to Tehran last week where both leaders reiterated their commitment to resistance was a direct response to the collapse of the peace process. Ahmadinejad’s coming visit to Lebanon and his supposed plan to throw a symbolic stone toward Israel – a la Edward Said – will evoke this steadfastness in an act of political pageantry that is sure to make headlines.”


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